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Doctor Adventures 2


Navigation 8.1 / 10
Quality 15.8 / 20
Quantity 14.0 / 20
Downloadable 5.0 / 5
Updates 13.095 / 15
Originality 5.0 / 5
Entertainment Factor 3.5 / 5
Bang For The Buck 17.8 / 20

Doctor Adventures 2 Videos

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Categories: Discount Deals | Hardcore
Review Date: Dec. 16, 2008
Reviewed By: Ed
Trial Price: $2.95 - 2 Days
Monthly Price: $24.95 - 30 Days | $19.95 - 30 Days
Billing: NetBilling
Multi Access: Brazzers
Pictures: 259 Picture Sets w/ 500 Pictures Per Set
Videos: 259 Videos At Around 40 Minutes Each
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Video Format(s): MP4 (.mp4) - 320x240 600 Kbps
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Video DRM No
Delivery Type Download and Stream
Bonus Feeds 40
Bonus Sites 29
Bonus Scenes 3661
Live Chat Yes

Our Review

Dec. 16, 2008 : Discount Deals

Oh we have all probably seen a site or two where some doctor tricks or in some way manages to fuck his female patients. Those sites are hot and I could get into some deep psychological study as to the reasons behind it, but what about the flip side? This site feature hot female doctors fucking the hell out of their well hung male patients and generally by coercing them into it as if the guys might choose to not bang the shit out of these sexy big tittied babes with stethoscopes!
Before I came to college I had to undergo a very thorough physical exam at my local family physician’s office. It was no big deal and I didn’t mind going down to his office that day because I had been going there since I was a little kid and I liked the old fellow, he had actually been the one to inspire me to bring my grades up so I could go to college back when I was acting out. So I get there and find out he will not be the one examining me, but his ultra cute niece, who had just finished her internship would be. Now I am the first to admit that sounds almost exactly like the beginning of a porn video to me and as she checked this and asked me about that I was getting lost in the fantasy and more then a little turned on. It was for nothing though since she was the epitome of professionalism damn it and sent me on my way with a clean bill of health. But she was sexy as shit in her white scrubs and I have many times fantasized about what it would have been like to try and start something with her, maybe by touching her tit or something. So you can imagine that I had a hard on for this site before I had even seen one of the videos in here. I mean sexy assed, and I do mean sexy, doctors who want to fuck their patients! This was my long term secret fantasy being played out right on my monitor. And there were two of these videos that both made me nut, and I do not mean figuratively either. The first is titled Charlee and this blonde bombshell of a babe has got just these massively huge melons and a very good looking face. She wasn’t as young as the intern that examined me but she got me just as hard. It turns out she has a hypochondriac for a patient, which I would imagine is every doc’s wet dream except this guy can’t pay. So they discuss the various options open to him, pay, go to jail or eat his doctors fine ass pussy. He chooses the last one which leads to very nice cock sucking, pussy plowing and titty fucking with a descent load dumped on her tits. The second video, and oh my fucking gawd is this doc hot, has a completely different plot. Dude comes to Doctor Sandy’s office to be examined for an ankle injury he sustained at work. The insurance company sent them to her because, lets face facts here, the guy is a chef and claims to have injured his foot. I am sure not all chefs are idiots but a foot injury for a slip and fall, dude, fake the back injury! Any way, she tricks him and catches him in the deception which puts her squarely in control and in the position of power. He ends up agreeing to cook her dinner and eat her pussy. They always start with the clam chowder I guess. She of course returns the favor and inhales his pole which leads to some good old fashioned fucking and her tits are no joke either and soon enough his cock is between them. He launches his load right in her mouth and fills it to the brim and all I could think as I finished up was ‘Why can’t this shit happen to ME!?’ At the time of this review they have a total of 148 videos here for you to go crazy over and they look like they update about once a week so expect that number to grow. But if you feel like you need more then don’t think twice about it because with a membership here you get access to an additional 22 sites in their network and another 40 bonus video feeder type sites.
I have no complaints about any of the Brazzers Sites
Oh now come on, it was like this site was tailor made for my personal fantasies of hot doctors taking charge and having me fuck them! I have to recommend this site, but they also have very hot babes playing the roles of the doctors here and the quality and action is great! This and the extras they give you make this site one to remember and check out for a long time to come.

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