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Captain Stabbin 2


Navigation 8.5 / 10
Quality 15.5 / 20
Quantity 15.1 / 20
Downloadable 5.0 / 5
Updates 11.595 / 15
Originality 5.0 / 5
Entertainment Factor 3.2 / 5
Bang For The Buck 17.1 / 20

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Categories: Discount Deals | Outdoor | Public | Anal
Review Date: Nov. 12, 2008
Reviewed By: Ed
Trial Price: $2.95 - 3 Days
Monthly Price: $24.95 - 30 Days | $17.95 - 30 Days
Billing: JetBill | CCBill | GX900 | Epoch Systems
Multi Access: Reality Kings
Pictures: 258 Picture Sets w/ 300 Pictures Per Set
Videos: 258 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips
Video Format(s): MP4 (.mp4) - 320x180 1000 Kbps
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Windows Media (.wmv) - 720x404 2000 Kbps
Video DRM No
Delivery Type Download and Stream
Bonus Feeds None
Bonus Sites 28
Bonus Scenes 6883
Live Chat No

Our Review

Nov. 12, 2008 : Discount Deals

The site that dares to ask and answer the question… ‘What’s better then a girl with a hot pussy?’, ‘A girl with a hot pussy getting poked in the ass!’ And in this case it is always on boat, a nice big boat in South Florida. Imagine your perverted uncle, the one that always embarrasses everyone at family reunions, with a lot of money and friends just as perverted as he is.
I am sorry about bringing up the uncle no one talks about, but damn the geezer on this site is one vitamin shy of the crypt so it’s kind of a bit creepy watching his wrinkled up geriatric hands rubbing all up on some incredibly fine college girls. Don’t sweat it though; the action is as hot as shouting ‘BINGO!’ in a crowded church basement on Wednesday night. And he has younger, hardier back up to bail him when he blows a load of gramps juice before he packs that ass! Case in point is Casey, this incredibly hot babe was picked up by the Captain Stabbin crew when she was walking on the beach looking for a lifeguard she had met a day or so earlier. The dumbfuck of a lifeguard blew off the date and she was ready to fuck. The Captain and crew talk her into a ride on their boat and after the briefest of hesitations, she becomes eager. Once on the boat it took about 15 seconds flat for the crypt keeper to suggest that oil might help prevent her from getting burned. While this ranks as the stupidest health care tip ever given to someone in the South Florida sun, it DOES provide ample opportunity for grandpa shaky to smear the slick stuff all over her ass and backside. He was being helpful you know? This leads to the suggestion that she might want a copious amount applied to the front as well, which to my shock she agreed to immediately. Gone are those wonderful days of innocence where she hesitated for a second. What I am about to describe took an incredibly short amount of time and convinced me that I needed to get me a boat and pronto! Her top comes off, her tits get slicker then a politician’s speech and she gets on her knees with the relic of a cock between her lips. Despite myself I got turned on and quick because even if the meat shaft going down her gullet personally remembered the great depression it was hard as fuck, which I think speaks highly of both her body and talent, and this girl was giving a great fucking blowjob! How good was the blowjob she was giving Moses? Good enough for him to lose it and nut all over her tits that’s how good it was. And right about the time I was chuckling to myself thinking that I would have came a lot sooner and that there was going to be no anal in this flick, up stepped the handy first mate with a huge cock and a hankering to use it. Use it he does too, she sucks it she fucks it, but nothing but ass is going to make this thing erupt. He fucks her in the ass in several positions and each time I could almost feel those cheeks of hers clamping down. He nutted in a big way, and squarely on her face, Very fucking hot video! They do something a bit unique here for the movies, instead of having one long full length video on one page with smaller clips, they cut the full length into three segments and each one has its own page that includes the one minute clips from that segment. In addition to Captain Stabbin, an anal adventure site, you also get unlimited access to a total of 19 exclusive sites. All of these sites are very well done and the videos are really very good, especially the higher quality ones for you broadband users out there. Download speeds are fast and the streaming in the embedded player is very smooth with very little buffer time.
I don't have any complaints about any of the sites that are part of the Reality Kings network!
While it is a bit creepy to imagine my roommate with someone old enough to be her dad I just can’t deny the fact that this site has some very good and unique content. The quality of both the videos and the girls is exceptional and I can easily say this site is worth a good recommendation.

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